Team Submissions?

Team Submissions?


I'm excited about having submitted to Intel Level Up but I have a question about the submission process. My submission was developed by a team of which I am one member. I did not see a location to include multiple team members. Should I have added this to the description or will there be an opportunity later on in the process if accepted?

Thank you so much,
Geoffrey Suthers

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Hi Geoffrey,

I think I misunderstood your question when I replied to the email earlier.  Many teams submit - you just have to have one person from the team be the delegated rep for the team.  Team members of the winning game demos are all included on communications and activities (once the team leader introduces everyone) but there is a nuance that the prizing is fulfilled to the team member who submits on behalf of the team - and we trust that person to do right by the rest of their team.  Hope that answers your question.



That definitely clears it up. Thanks again, Mitch!


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