display can‘t be displayed

display can‘t be displayed

After connecting the monitor and starting the minnowboard, but the display can't be displayed.

what i use is a usb for keyboard and active adapter cable.

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Hi kong,

    Have you ever tried a direct micro-hdmi to hdmi cable to an hdmi display? I once stuck with a micro micro-hdmi to vga adapter which won't light up the display in most of the time.


zhou f. escribió:

sorry,I don't have hdmi display.The most important thing is the other's minnowboard showed normally in the same condition. 

hallo, kong d.Have you ever solved your promble? I have the same trouble with you.

I have the same problem.

On the Minnowboard official website there is a known issue for Minnowboard MAX about HDMI output 


BUT they say that the problem is solved on TURBOT.


but actually it doesn't work. I also tried POWERED micro-HDMI to VGA adapter, but there's still no signal.

Seems that somebody succeeded using a DVI adapter. I'll have a try.

Yeah, I faced the same problem.
I try to connect the Debug Serial Port to the board, but I find it doesn't work well.

On normal Board, After powering on, it should be 
>>>>MemoryInit Done

However, in our board, it has frozen at "MemoryInit Done".
It means that the output is just:
>>>>MemoryInit Done
No ">>>>BdsEntry" shows.

I search the keyword at Google, I think maybe it is a UEFI firmware problems.
And maybe the final way to solve it is to refresh the firmware via SPI.
But we don't have the Dediprog SF-100 to refresh it.

The way of connecting serial port is shown at http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax
By searching the keyword "4-Wire Serial Console", you can get the right connection way.
Maybe you can try to connect the serial port to see what happened when booting to the OS.


我尝试连接调试用串口到板子来看启动过程中发生了什么, 但是我发现好像并没有成功启动.

在正常的板子上, 上电以后应该是
>>>>MemoryInit Done

可是, 在我们的板子上, 它就在"MemoryInit Done"的时候卡住了.
>>>>MemoryInit Done

我在谷歌上查了一下. 感觉上像是UEFI固件的问题.
然后, 可能最后的解决方法是通过SPI重刷固件.
但是我们并没有可以刷固件的Dediprog SF-100设备.

连接调试串口的方法在Wiki上有, 查一下"4-Wire Serial Console"就可以看到.

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