Trouble with the MicroSD card slot

Trouble with the MicroSD card slot


I suspect that there is something wrong with my minnowboard turbot's MicroSD card slot.

Currently, I've tried on two vender's card(Samsung's 32GB sdhc and PNY's 64GB sdxc which seems to work in this post), but the efi bootloader and ubuntu live cd's lsblk just cannot identified the device; When I plug the card in after boot up, dmesg gives me an error like this: mmc2: error -110 whilst initialising SD card, however both card looks pretty good on other machines.

At the same time, things just work when I plug the those cards into an USB MicroSD card reader. I can install the system on the card as well as boot from the card via an USB MicroSD card reader(a little bit slow though).

Is there any way to locate the problem?

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