Show me your game

Show me your game

Would love to see what people have been working on!  So for dose of you who can / want to please share! :) 

Our project is a twin stick shooter roguelike heavily inspired by the likes of the Binding of Isaac headed for PC and iOS. 
Its maybe not the most innovative game so our chances of winning anything is pretty slim, still its great fun and it doesn’t hurt to try right :)


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Looks awesome :)

Thanks for sharing Rickhard!

Still very much a work in progress, but here are screenshots of our entry, Unearned Bounty: a multiplayer FFA pirate ship combat game.



More screenshots on our twitter :


These submissions look fantastic!

I am currently working on a deceptively simple tile-matching puzzle video game.

You are more than welcome to check out an ealry build on my page!

Heres mine mobile and pc :)

Zombie survival shooter similar to cod zombies with in game shop and leaderboard.

Just submitted our one. Here is the link of our  unfinished teaser. We had to put it together in a hurry. 

Hey all!

I saw the information on the contest this week and realized what a great opportunity and fit it would be for my company's current game in development, so I spent the time before the submission time to put a demo together.

Our game is titled "Grave Danger". We'll be running a Steam Greenlight campaign and Kickstarter campaign in July.

Grave Danger

Grave Danger is a platformer that feels like a solid action game, but has puzzle solving aspects. Each characters can be switched out and has different movement and attack abilities. Genre classics such as Mega Man, Mega Man X, The Lost Vikings, and Castlevania are a large influence.

Grave Danger is a side-perspective classic platformer. The player will take control of one character at a time, each with unique ways to traverse the level. On most levels, the player must switch between each character in order to determine how to safely traverse or solve the puzzle. The flow is linear, each level unlocking the next once completed. Each level has a set combination of characters and requirements to complete it. Each character has unique abilities that define their usability. Dante the cowboy can dash, wall-jump, and shoot his pistol quickly. Elliot the wizard can charge up attacks and perform an additional jump mid-air. Malice the reaper can float horizontally mid-air and uses his scythe as a deadly boomerang.

Grave Danger website:

Facebook Page:

JB Game Dev Twitter:

Grave Danger Twitter:

JB Game Dev website:



These games all look great!

I'm the community manager for GalaCollider which we submitted on Tuesday. It's a 4X strategy card game set in space:

Great jobs!

You can download the demo of my game. At the moment only you have online mode...



Coming new characters, levels and improvements... Thanks!

Keep the sharing coming!  This is a great thread!


Awesome job to all! Here was my contribution, conFUSE! A casual puzzle game where you race against the clock to connect the 'fuse' pieces before the digital wick burns up! Still in an early preview stage.

Video Preview:


Our 2d Mech Action game - Dying Engine.

Rescue the dying civilization of your creators by retrieving the Shard. Extract the brains from the primitive human population and use them to fight for you!


Short gameplay teaser of the beta:


Defence game - phantoms wave


Defence game - swarmers wave



Little late to the party but here's our game:

And here's a link to a playable demo:

Some really great competition in here, good luck to everyone!

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