How many contestants are in this year?

How many contestants are in this year?

We plan to submit our prototype demo tonight, but as I see Q a A of this forum it looks that there are more than 200 games already.


We dont want to know any private information about concurency, just how much games are in this year and maybe how much in each genre.


Thanks and good luck to all :)

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I submitted right at the deadline and I was entry 420.

how do you get the entry number? I have also submitted 20 min before the deadline but haven't seen any entry number

Edit : Nevermind. Managed to find it. I am 410

I don't know if I could get in time D: ... where did you guys found yours entry number? I didn't received any email after the submission...

nvm²: just found it... 424

our submission is 417

This morning I woke up to an AMAZING 425 submissions in the hopper.  I'll have to filter out duplicate entries and all that, but standby for the "by the numbers" :)



I searched through past years forums, but didnt find one for us as devs very important table. Have you ever though about publishing, or via emailing points results of our demos. I would love to know how many points our project gets in each judgement category to think about in which aspect we can improve our game further :)

imho I think that this piece of information benefit each of us indies to brainstorm on. Please consider this amazing opportunity as a feedback for devs :))

Hi Martin,

We don't send out everyone individual scoring because in a bubble not relative to other submissions the number is somewhat meaningless.  In past when we did share the feedback a significant number of developers wanted to refute our scoring instead of accepting the feedback.  Feedback from your peers, your friends, your players is going to be much more meaningful and "in context" than just some numbers from Intel.  Hope you understand.


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