Touchscreen support for our submission

Touchscreen support for our submission

Hi Mitchell (and other Intel peeps),

I submitted our game 'Forts' to your Level Up competition yesterday. Just wanted to make sure you know that it has touch screen support as I failed to mention it in the submission text, or in the game prominently as the feature was added fairly late (it's still a work in progress). The tutorials don't cover it yet and the first tutorial mission has some parts that you have to skip if you are only using the touch screen.

Here's how it works in the build we sent:

  • Double tap single finger executes a left click (e.g. select button, fire weapon, open door)
  • Swipe single finger builds a new strut
  • Hold single finger for a couple of seconds executes a right click to deselect or bring up the context menu on an item
  • Swipe & pinch double finger will pan and zoom the camera (simultaneously)
  • Three fingers will repair in the area under the first finger

Everything currently centers on the first finger to make contact or reported by Windows. It should be the average position of the fingers in contact but I ran out of time. Even so I find it fun to play the game with the touch screen.

Also I'm not sure why yet but on this Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 after installing and running the game it brings up a dialog saying "Failed to change display settings". Clicking OK runs the game anyway. To make the dialog go away turn off auto resolution in the options and set the native resolution of the screen.

I made a last minute crash fix to the multiplayer lobby so hopefully you get that version. Let me know if you have any major problems. We had a few local connection issues when testing yesterday but did have some good games.

Thanks for running the comp!

Tim Auld

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Hi Tim!


I just sent this documentation to our lab who is setting up the machines for our screeners!

Thanks for the submission!


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