No Intel GPA Support for windows universal Apps.

No Intel GPA Support for windows universal Apps.

I submitted our game for the Intel Level Up contest as a Windows Metro App. (Submission number 410)  I just found out that the Intel GPA doesn't support the  windows universal app. I am not sure how it handles the Metro apps but I have tried to get our one working and had no luck.Perhaps it was because I had to side load the app, hence it couldn't get detected by the GPA auto detector. I am not entirely sure tbh. This was the first time we used the Intel GPA.  I just tested the game in old Win32 and it seems fine. If it is okay, can I send an updated link to the win32 version which can be monitored with Intel GPA?  Nothing is added to the original submission except the fact that it can be monitored.

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Good question for SethS - I'll send him a link to this.


Thanks Mitchell 

Hi Yucel, 

As you observed we did remove support for Windows 8 metro applications.  It sounds like you have a Win32 (desktop) version of your game working great with GPA.  Hopefully this will be okay for profiling for you.  

If you would really like to see the profile of your Metro app, I can give you an older build when the metro portion of GPA was still supported.

Let me know!



Thanks for the reply Seth.  Well, I was more concerned with the fact that you guys wouldn't be able to test the performance of our submission due to no GPA support. I think the 20% of the ranking would be based on how well the game runs.I am not entirely sure which tools will be used during this performance test but  If you guys have no problems on your and then  I have no worries. Still though it would be nice if you could direct me to the old version so that we can do the testing for later versions of our game.


Many thanks,


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