Winners announcement

Winners announcement

Hello there,

In rules, there is statement that winner will be notified by July 29/2016. But its 1.8.2016 and winner still did not announced. Any problems there ?

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The rules read that the winners will be notified by email until that date, not that they will be publicly announced. The public announcement should come a couple of weeks after the notification of the winners, as they must also accept the prizes and prepare the legal requirements.

Thanks for the comment Spyro - Can we take it as read then that if we have not heard anything by now then we are not winners?

Apologies if that was implied, however I think a lot of people put a lot of hard work into their submissions and they would be grateful to at least be informed if they were unsuccessful.


Thanks for your time.


It is probably safe to assume that the initial winners have been notified by now. I believe Intel does not notify the rest of the participants because maybe someone that won in a category isn't legally eligible (i.e., maybe lives in a country that is not supported by the Contest) to receive the prize and then they may have to choose another participant to replace the initial winner, based on the internal scoring system.

The winners have been officially announced, you can read more at this blog post by Mitch:

Or check out the Hall of Glory:

Congratulations to all the winners, hope to see more great games next year!

 I don't understand why they can't tell the whole list of finalists.  There were 9 winners. is there any way to find out who were the other 16 finalists?


According to previous versions of the same contest, the finalists are not announced publicly. I do not know the exact reason but my guess is that it would be too many games on one screen because of the plethora of the categories and number of finalists for each one. However you can suggest it to Intel so that they maybe consider it for future versions.

it doesn't need to on the website. even posting on  a forum would be nice. if anyone interested to know the whole list. Especially it would be helpful for those who has no idea if they become a nominee or not l. (assuming that they haven't notified by email).

Sincere apologies for the delay on replying.

We notified the winners back in July and have been working with them on the official announcement that went out in August and we'll now have them in the Intel booth this weekend at PAX West!  This afternoon at 430pm Pacific time, we'll be streaming the awards presentatation from the Intel booth on

Here's the announcement of the winners:

We've also got some other indies showing their games in our booth - the list and schedule is posted here:

And Razer has the Blade Stealth system we used for the contest on Back to School Special. You can read about that here:




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