I entered our game Antigraviator today. However I did not receive an email confirming the entry.

So how do I know I successfully registered?

Also I tried creating an account with the email I entered and I am not getting the account verification mail either. (I checked spam filter)


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Okay, seems there was a problem with my email. I lost all incoming email though. Should I re-register our game?

Same question!

I submitted my game for the contest on 26 April 2007:

2017 Intel® Level Up Contest Submission
Thank you, your submission has been received.

But I have not received a confirmation EMAIL. Is this normal?

Same question for me. Has my game been received?

Hi all.

If you could all PM your game names I can check if the submission went through correctly.

Hey all.

FYI, it looks like all of the games were submitted but for some reason not everyone got a confirmation.  I'll be looking into why some of those submissions didn't receive their confirmations to make sure it doesn't happen again; but to reitterate, it looks like everyone is registered.

Hello, I have same Question,

game name Lightman

I've sent PM to Robert but didn't get response, so I have same question:

game: Sapu

Thanks a lot!

Just to reiterate.

If you did not get a confirmation email your game has still been submitted, you are all set.

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