Any news about winners?

Any news about winners?

Hi there!

5. List of Winner(s)

The winners for the grand prize, game genres, and judges’ choice/skills/craft categories, special prize category will be notified by email by June 1, 2017.

The winner’s names will be published by Intel on the 2017 Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest website and in other program-related communications. Prize winners will be notified based on contact information supplied by Participants, the accuracy of which information is the responsibility of the Participants. In the event a Participant cannot be contacted as determined in the sole discretion of Intel, or a winner rejects a Prize, an alternative winner will be identified.

Anybody got a letter? )

The site has no information about it.

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There was a Twitter post at the end of May saying that they had received hundreds of entries that would take weeks to sort through.  

You're right, it would have been very useful to have it posted on the contest site too - I'm an entrant myself, and it was June 3 before I came to this forum and found out about the Twitter post.

Hey guys.

Sorry about this.  I'm gonna make a sticky just so everyone knows the state of play.  June 1st was, I believe, the original intention, however the volume of entrants this year was much greater than we expected and its taken a lot longer to get through all of them.  The judges have the games in there hands and we're working on it.  Our intention is to name winners sometimes around PAX West, then do a live stream of the winners shortly afterwards.  I'm so sorry for the lack of communication on our part, it's unacceptable and I'll try and be much more on top of it in future.

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