How to Find the Treasury Advisor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

How to Find the Treasury Advisor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

The arrival of a fully functional Pathfinder Online may be nothing but a pipe dream, but fans of realm building in Paizo's fantasy world finally have something to keep them busy with single player cRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Running a kingdom takes more than just a strong sword arm, so you'll need a list of advisors to keep your fledgling realm going strong while battling troll kings and dealing with the fey.One critical role is the treasurer, who impacts your kingdom's economy. Simply finding the treasurer has many players stumped, however, as he's super easy to miss if you don't know exactly where to look.Below we show you exactly how to find the treasury advisor and initiate a new string of economic-based kingdom events. Wondering which of the classes or sub-class archetypes to pick instead for your would-be king or queen?

Where To Find The Pathfinder: Kingmaker Treasury Advisor

Note that before you can find the treasurer, you have to first take out the Stag Lord and officially begin your rule over the the area (by completing the Stolen Land quest). To get to that point, first you need to follow these steps:

  • Travel to the ancient hut to learn about the unnatural fog
  • Defeat the guardian beasts at the Temple Of The Elk to disperse the fog
  • Follow your rival to the ancient tomb
  • Travel to the old sycamore and gain the two halves of the relic from the mite and kobold factions
  • Confront your rival at the old sycamore
  • Travel to the Stag Lord's fort and defeat his gang

When you are on the overworld map, make sure to check the "Show Location Names" box at the top-right corner. With this feature turned on you see red exclamation points that reveal when a new event is occurring in a specific location. It also reveals specific names of river ford locations. You can find the list at thesis help. These features make it much, much easier to find the treasury advisor. After gaining access to the kingdom management screen, head to the ford across the Skunk River (southwest from your capital and heading towards the Dwarven Ruins).At this location you will be able to find the gnome named Jubilost in his wagon after gaining the ability to appoint advisors. He's not exactly happy you haven't managed to protect his wagon, and starts off quite belligerent towards the main character.Some players don't immediately find Jubilost's overturned wagon in the river ford on their first trip to the area. This isn't a bug as expected, but rather just an issue with the event not triggering until a set amount of time has passed.

If he doesn't appear at that location, simply wait a few days for the event to trigger and come back again (a red exclamation point should appear at the ford).In particular, Jubilost seems to spawn most frequently after activating the troll-based quest segment. Some players also get him to spawn by talking to the dryad.Even when he does spawn, Jubilost won't immediately join your party. You will need to defeat the troll king and then inform Jubilost of the development and take him to the Dwarven Ruins.After inspecting the area, he will offer to join the party. After recruiting him, head back to the kingdom management screen and assign him to the role of treasurer. Besides helping your kingdom's economy, be on the lookout for occasional events to trigger as well while Jubilost is in the role of treasurer.

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