Ref/Input data extractor tool

Ref/Input data extractor tool


We've written a small but useful extractor tool to help with extracting test cases from ref/inputs.

Its cmdline is:

extractor +

This way it's easy to copy&paste output from your solution into it.

are the ref/input start and last index using base1 (ie the reference output format)
is used to create _ref.txt and _input.txt as output files.
adds a border, eg - + is written out for the reference part
specifies the sequence to use from all sequences

If is not found, all possible input sequences are dumped to help you choose the right one.

Hope it's useful :)


Downloadapplication/zip extractor-ext.zip5.18 KB
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Thank you very much for sharing this. I think it is worth mentioning, that you need Intel's ThreadBuildingBlocks and the intel compiler to compile it.

Oh right. The makefile uses both, however tbb is not really used and icc is not needed. You can probably fix the makefile to work with gcc and without tbb easily.
I can only use icc on my own workstation though, so I can't do it myself :(

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