Data Output order

Data Output order

Data Output order

My code algorithm dose not output the
result in the same order as the given sample. And that make the
benchmarked assume it's bad result and dose not continue to make all
the testes,

is it a true rule in the contest that
the data output order must be the same as the given sample.

Actually I do not see any importance
for some thing link that.

I'm sure that the benchmarked compare
the result with the given code sample. I made a simple test by changing the
order of the data output in the given sample and the test benchmarked
gave a bad result.

Please help

i can not make a full benchemark as it stop after to testes and gives me wrong result.

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Your algorithm have to print the results in the same order of the reference implementation. This can be easily done by accumulating the output and sorting it before printing.

about the sorting of sequences see here: sorting of results: Xavier Hallade answers regarding that subject in those threads(in the first link he, actually, say to look at the second but in the first he gives a faster explanation, i think)

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