Final submission

Final submission

1) Asside from code & comments & makefile should we include a readme.txt and or other light materials (like jpeg, pdf) that would explain better the solution ?2) Regarding the Makefile. The test platform will have an identical environment configuration, correct ? In other words if the Makefile works on the current online test platform we shouldn't surprises about compilation in the end ?

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You should include readme.txt file. They said:

On the website, you will have to upload your contribution with the following at least:
- A Makefile, based on an example that will be provided along with the problem.
A readme for the description of the code which will be used for scoring
(description of the problem to be solved, which may include description
of the serial algorithm, explanation of it, and what you did to solve
the problem).
- Your source code.

Here's a thread about it:

Just to be sure : we can submit using 'make submit' right?

As I understood, we can submit code either using "make submit" or upload it via

It would be more useful if someone from Intel answered these questions.

Hi,you should at least include a readme.txt file to explain your solution, other materials are not required.The test platform will have an identical environment configuration, so if it's working on the online test platform you'll have no surprises at the end ;)You can submit using make submit or the html form, it makes no difference.

so the contest ends at 16th 2012 at 00:00 pacific time. is this the night from 15th to 16th or the night from 16th to 17th? Also pacific time means 9:00 am CET, right?

It will be the night from 15th to 16th.So the 16th at 09:00 am CET, yes.

Quoting Xavier Hallade (Intel)
you should at least include a readme.txt file to explain your solution
Does it need to be a .txt file ot would a pdf-file also be acceptable?

It's a lot better for us if it can be a txt file.

Hi,The limit for readme.txt is still 300 words? I think it is difficult to explain the algorithm and implementation in 300 words.Thanks,Dumi

It's just a short explanation, not a detailed one. I think it's more like an overview. You should write down your ideas, not the implementation details. You can explain that through the comments in your code. Combine that and you should be able to put all of your thoughts in your submission. Besides, I don't think you'll be disqualified if you write a couple words over the 300 word limit ;)

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