How should I modify makefile to make it work with pthread?

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In the default makefile, just change :
LDLIBS = -lpthread

Also, don't forget the includes in your code. :)

Thanks for your answer, problem was in code, not in makefile.

One more question, I get an error on Intel server trying to use icc


icpc war the original makefile, but it doest even submit. And with icc instead of icpc it submits but copiling error. I have no other option to try icc anywhere else.

Ideas ?

Well, in my Makefile, at home, I use gcc.But it seems to me that during the benchmark it is icc that is automaticallyused, because of the vectorization report.

icc is for c and icpc is for c++. I'm having the same problem for days, my code runs with gcc but with icpc it won't. Can anybody from intel people tell me what to do? I'm using tbb for paralelisation with according include files. I comment gcc and uncomment icpc in makefile but it won't work. I wrote this questions on several threads but no one answered me so far, and i'm getting quite desperate :)

ok, icpc and icc make sense. but with icpc i can't even submit, I don't use tbb yet.

waiting -)

I ve told you today, you dont have to do anything except to uncomment 2 lines in makefile. Thats enough, and icc / icpc MUST work. If not, you have other issues in your code.I have tested that a few minutes ago, just to see am i right :)I ll show you.

Well, I didn't touch anything in the makefile, and I uncommented the two lines. But to be sure, I'll download it once again and try it one more time. I hope you are right ;)

Edit> error on a 12-cores machine :
error during compilation.

I dont know what s going on with your compilations, but i must tell you that my code gets 10x worse result when i compile it with ICPC (on Intels machine ofcourse).And i dont know why, because i write my code in VS 2008 with installed Composer, and results are better then with MS c++ compiler, so i expected improvement with ICPC. But that never happened..So, i use regular gcc instead of icpc :)

Fuchs, c++0x support by the icc version we used is not sufficient for compiling your program.You can test it using a LiveCD :

when I do this, could I use it for the contest so it would compile on your server ?

If you make your program compatible with Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 SP1 (the one on the liveCD) with icc, it should run on the benchmark service too.But it's perfectly fine for you to stay with gcc.

thank U =)

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