invalid benchmark

invalid benchmark

What does Invalid benchmark means?

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It means the benchmark is not valid.
Either because of an issue with the machine or your program. Normally there is a more explicit error that is disclosed too if the problem comes from your program.

How can I know the difference?

I think that you know the formats of replies sent from benchmark service, can you post some examples

Normally there is a more explicit error associated.But if you have same error several times, the problem may come from your program.There are a lot of different replies, sorry I don't have time to list them.

I'm getting this error :double free or corruption during program execution when i upload file on intel machine but when i run the same program on my machine (i'm using VS2008) it executes correctly. I googled this error and it is thread related (i think). Can anyone help me with this? I don't understand why do i get this error on intel machine but not on mine. Is it because OS are different?

If you're using std class string, that might be the cause of your problem. That class is not thread safe and it's used in the sample program.

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