Get a subsequence from a sequence file / sequence name

Get a subsequence from a sequence file / sequence name

I wrote a program to check a subsequence in a sequence file. I did it because I had some mistakes in my output compare to the intel program output.
This program display the sequence in the standard output.
The archive contain the program and a makefile. To compile this code just do : make in your terminal
The program take following arguments :- the file name/path.- the sequence name- the first character to check- the last character to check
So you can execute in your terminal :./get_subsequence test_sequence.txt test_sequence_1 50 150
Let me know if you have any problems.

Downloadapplication/octet-stream get_subsequence.tar.gz1.26 KB
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Thanks for sharing code

Is the output of the program the sequence or something else?

Yes the sequence is the output of the program. Be careful, it uses intel referential.
The first position is 1, not 0.


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