iam new

iam new

iam new and it is the first time to particibate in this compitition...i want to know what is the library that we are allowed to use.and i see the tools that intel offer to us but is for linux and iam using windows.and there is another thing...if there is any suntitles for multicore programming video it will be very helpful..thanks alotNagi

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Here you can find some written material about parallel programming (on the same site as the videos):

As for the libraries:
go to this page: http://software.intel.com/fr-fr/articles/AYC-early2012_tcs/ then Rules from the navigation menu, and read section 6.

Windows and Ubuntu (Linux):

If you really don't want to switch to linux:
OpenMP in Visual Studio:
Didn't test it though.

or search openMP and mingw on google, you will find:
HowTo-Guide Getting started with OpenMP

Perhaps the last option will be the fastest to start with :)

Good luck!


Hi,I watched some of this videoshttp://intel-software-academic-program.com/streaming/Intel_Academic_-_Introduction_Parallel_Windows_Clay_Breshears.htmlI can say you that they are great and that if you watch them you will really understand parallel programming :Dand yes, I am also competing for the first time :Ddo you still go to high school or to college?

SorrykristijanI didn't see your post :)

sorry for what? ;)you have just tried to help :D

thanks alot for your help..

i have these videos but i want any subtitles if there is...and iam in faculty of engineering and it is f1 time to start with parallel programming

thanks alot mah nabil..i think we are from the same country aren't we??and thanks again...good luck to every one..

I am sorry but I really never saw an video with subtitles :(and yes, this is my first time with parallel programming too :D

I am from Cairo, Egypt. and I am studying at Cairo Univerisity computer enginneering department.

well iam form egypt too and studying at mansoura university computer and system engineering dept..so..how can i get contact with you..

For any question it is better to write it in the forum for spreading the knowledge as here you can find a more experienced peopleFor personal contact My Skype account name is the same as My ISN name.Good Luck :)

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