Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

I got a little question,

What is the evaluation criteria of the codein this contest?

Is it time, speedup, or other criteria?

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hi, i found thisThe criteria: execution time (on various single memory machines/inputs/conditions)http://software.intel.com/fr-fr/articles/AYC-early2012_home/

Thanks a lot

no problem ;)

Don't pay atention JUST on execution time. Evaluation will be done based on this parameter, but if your code is fast with a small number of cores and not scalable, someone else's code might be much faster with 20-30-40 cores. Your code needs to be fast, accurate, and scalable to get a good score. But evaluation of speed and scalability will be done based on the execution time.

Best regards,

I can add that a well structured and commented code is always better...

why comments?do they red our socure or do they just run it?and yes :D thx for the advice :D

You get 25 points for documentation. I'm not sure, but they might have a look at the code and include that in the documentation score.

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So the evaluation criteria, is timing on many core machine? or other?

hello,i found this in the rules pages"7. Selection of the Winner(s)
Winners will be determined by an Intel jury composed by the Community Managers and Intel specialists in parallel programming through the following procedure:
- the solution will be tested on a Multi core machine
- the solution will be tested on a local machine by a parallel programming specialist from Intel.
Only 1 contribution per team is allowed. This contribution can be edited by resending a new one via the contest upload procedure until the end of the contest."

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