The fastest input [duplicate]

The fastest input [duplicate]

Hi,I was thinking about what is the fastest input.I am using C++ and I use CIN the most of the time, but sometimes I use SCANF because a noticed that it is much faster than the cin command.Now I am interested if there is any fastert solution than this two...I was also wondering if it is possible to parallelize the input of one file?

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This might be a duplicate thread.

I know, browser's fault :)
I can't find a merge thread tool on the forum, so I post the link to the other one:
the other thread :)

I am sorry but I have accidentally created two identical threads, but i do not
know how to delete one of them :(

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I do not know either, but you can change the name (title) of the thread (add a [duplicate] note there, or something like that).

great idea :Dthx :D

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