late submision

late submision

Wish we listen about
the late submission.

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What do you want to hear?

Hi,All the late submissions have been registered.All the students should have received a confirmation email ( 1 per submission, but we will only take into consideration the last update ).The results will be published in January, due to Holidays.if you have any question, feel free to contact ISNFrance@intel.ComRegards,
Anthony. Intel Software Network.

Can we know how many teams have delivered a code for the late contest? And, if you know when will be tested ?


Benoit Eche

Team Kapokeur

We have 26 teams registered for the late contest, and the entries are tested right now :) .Anthony , Intel Software Network.

Can we know the prices for this contest ?

Team Kapokeur

When theresults will be announced?

Hi !As for the first contest, we will announce the winners as soon as we know them . ( the benchmarks are running now.)The prizes will be announced at the same time than the winners .Good luck to all :)
Anthony, Intel Software Network.

Do you have any information about a result date ?Regards,Benoit EcheTeam Kapokeur

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