Intel Acceler8 Google map !

Intel Acceler8 Google map !

Hi all,a contestant from Russia had the brilliant idea to create a Google map in order allow people to put a mark on the place people are coming from.It would be funny to know where all the contestants come from !In order to add your own location to the map, please follow these steps :

Google account needed (assume
you have one and logged-in):

1) Open the link

Click Edit (at the
left hand block)

Search the place the
usual way (like Intel Paris, France)

Click the red mark.
You will see a pop up box.

Click save to map,
select Acceler8 map.

Regards,Anthony, Intel Software Network.

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Done :)

Done as well

Good idea :)done too.

Done ;) Lots of franch and russian it seems !

Quoting buffer
Done ;) Lots of franch and russian it seems !

Not so many in Paris though, I'm surprised (or they just didn't registered on the map :)).

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