question about passward

question about passward

* The zip file password helps your zip file go through email servers antivirures without being blocked.
is this mean all of us create file with passward "secret" or each group has its own passward

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Everyone has to use password "secret". As you said, it's just a formality to help the e-mail get through the firewall.


The build and benchmark procedure is automated, so all of us should use the same password which is "secret"
Here is the 1st line of their script:
unzip P secret

Good luck!


All files must have the same password "secret"

Yes, everyone should use the "secret" password for their zipped file.

yea,all of us must use the same password (secret)

everyone will have the "secret" as a passwordregards,

Maybe someone can explain it again, I don't think it has been clarified enough :)

All you need to do is right click on the fies you are going to add to the zip file add archive, then set the type to zip and set password to the zip file as secret. It should allow you attach the zip to the e-mail with no problems.

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