Few administrative questions

Few administrative questions

Hi,We've registered to participate in the competition, but for some reason we are receiving email from the Russian version of the competition.How can we be sure we participate in the English version.Another thing, we're assuming that since the Russian and English rules and requirements differ, the programs won't be competing in the same category. Is that correct?Regards.

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I confirm, there's two independant contests with different rules, and prizes.
the problems is also slightly different.

There's only one contest, same rules, same problem to parallelize, same dates, same forum.
The only difference is for prizes : we have a different set of prizes for russia for logistical reasons.

As you seem to write fluently in english, we propose you to participate and submit your solution in english.

Regards, paul

These were my intentions from the beginning.Do I need to register separately for the English contest? And if so, can you please provide me with the exact link for that. We sent an email tosoftwarecontest@intel.com which is apparently the link for russian competition, there is ISNFrance@intel.comfor the French one, but where to register for the English one?Thanks.

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