Wrapper for Flash/Adobe - Help Required

Wrapper for Flash/Adobe - Help Required

Hi, Our standalone games are developed using Adobe Flash and published in SWF format. Then we used a tool from Northcode, called SWF Studio (http://www.northcode.com/index.php) to convert game to standalone PC executable. This tool converts SWF output in a windows executable binary and provide some additional features. First way to implement Atom SDK is creating a wrapper for SWF studio output. But that is like embedding an exe file in another exe file, there may be some licensing issues. Second way is embedding flash output directly (SWF file) in C# or VB.NET form and implementing SDK wrapper like mentioned in the blog post(.Net). But in that case we need to drop the features which were provided by SWF studio and also require to make many changes in game coding (to make it communicate with C#). Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR and Java all use same theory "code once and deploy every where", so in order to provide cross platform functionality, these platform encapsulate OS specific calls in their run time environments and doesn't provide direct access to them and also add some restrictions while communicating with dll files. Can anyone share the wrapper sample code developed for flash/Adobe or Do we drop the idea of creating a wrapper until new sdk is released. Regards, Praveen
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I am using Zinc as a Flash wrapper, available here: http://www.multidmedia.com/
SDK integration is accomplished with baKno AppAble, available here: http://www.bakno.com/Wrapper/
My installer was built with Wise Installer 6

I hope this helps,

Christopher York
Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.

Flash wrapper would be a great value add. On the java front I am told it its possible with JNI from which you can make calls to native language code.

IF there is more information that we could add onto this thread, in terms of workarounds for development languages that are not currently supported by the SDK please post away!


Hello All,

while of course you are free to discuss workarounds and wrappers here please be aware the in the end your submissions might not pass validation. Just want to avoid disappointments in the end but anyway you can submit work based on wrappers and wait for the validation results.

I recommend to wait until we publish more SDK's for other runtimes to have a clear path to go.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program


Please have a look at this recent topic as my reply applies to this programming language as well:


I would suggest you to keep checking this page for additional supported programming languages:


@ Andre,

Do you have any idea when the new sdk would be released? Apart from the standard answer "Very Soon"

Hello Praveen,

at this time we won't publish any release dates but you can be sure we work hard on new SDKs, updated Intel AppUp™ Client and enhancements of the websites.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

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