AIR app submission launches on the Atom Developer Program

AIR app submission launches on the Atom Developer Program

We are now accepting AIR applications for AppUp via the Atom Developer Program. To submit an AIR application:

  • You need to be joined in the program with an organization to submit an AIR app. To do this:
  • Provide payment information for your organization if you want to earn revenue from your applications. [1]
  • Follow and complete the Packaging process for Adobe AIR SDK including:
    • Download and integrate the appropriate Adobe Melrose SDK into your AIR application for either Flex SDK 3.5a for AIR 1.5.3 or Flex SDK 4.1 for AIR 2.0 apps
    • Getting your application digitally signed with an approved agency. Approved agencies at the time of this post: Comodo, Go Daddy, ChosenSecurity, GlobalSign, Thawte, TrustCenter or VeriSign
      (self-signed applications will not pass validation)
    • Note: You do not need to create and submit an MSI for AIR. You will submit the .AIR file created when using the Adobe Melrose SDK
  • Follow the AIR submission process

    Known Issue: After submitting your AIR application the name of the original AIR app the developer submits is not appearing. (you see the auto generated MSI name instead). Simply edit the name to fix this error. We are working to resolve this bug in the submission process.
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    We used a default latest sdk in flex builder 3.0 and our app got rejected in the validation. Saying that " Its working in native but not in appup" We are compiling our code with melrose sdk. One more quick question bob.

    We waited for melrose licensing manager and since there was a delay we wrote our own license manger in 2 days. Its working great.
    So do we need to implement melrose licensing for submitting appup or our own license manger would do ?. Any suggestion will be great


    Hi Suresh,

    In this link you will find some discussion about the licensing for your app using the Melrose SDK.

    Regarding your application rejection, I have asked somebody from the validation team to contact you to provide assistance.


    Intel Technical Support
    Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
    Intel AppUp(SM) Center

    DG Rooven

    Thanks very much for all the great work and help in getting this AIR stuff up and running! It's a huge boon for guys like me who are most comfortable with Actionscript.

    I'm impressed that you guys got it working, and I found the process so much easier than working with certain other app stores that are less friendly to Flash... Very gratifying to see my AIR app in the AppUp store, for sure.


    Having Adobe AIR Really rocks :-) Intel App up

    We have submitted 20 Apps - 19 are Free and only one Paid App. Even that Paid App made :-) Good Purchases

    We see amazing good number of downloads 300+ for icalculator and Blocks in very few days. Now having added 0.99$ as minimum price. It will help to people to download as many number as they want.

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