Known issue & workaround per AIR apps with multiple folders

Known issue & workaround per AIR apps with multiple folders

The following item has been discovered and a work around established and reported here: Item Name: AIR app fails due to multiple folders Date Reported: 8/24/10 Symptoms /Description: AIR apps with non-empty installFolder apps fail validation testing Status: Resolving Resolution / Workaround:To fix apps now, AIR developers need to configure the installation folder for their application using “installFolder” property in the application descriptor file. When doing this you must leave the installFolder field empty. See more details here
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FYI I just received this from Adobe which is communication to their community on this issue :

By default an application is contained in a folder that is placed directly into the Program Files folder on Windows or the Applications folder on OSX. AIR has a feature that allows a developer to create extra folders into which the application's folder is placed (for details of this feature see "Setting AIR application properties" in Applications that make use of this feature will experience longer approval times. We are working to resolve a technical issue that will allow us to install your application in the correct way with Intel's AppUp client.

Thanks Bob. Does this apply to Flex apps built with all versions of Flash Builder?

Good question Brian. This issue is specific to the Adobe Melrose SDK for AIR app submissions to AppUp.

So we will release a specific release to intel app up with the workaround. :-) Thanks bob for the help. Looking forward to submit many apps in intel.

We were looking for intelappup badge, we have requested to intel india. Now we got the same in today's mailer from Intel.
Great :-) We will post in our sites soon.


You may also find the Intel AppUp(SM) identifier on the following link: which you can use to promote your applications.


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Intel AppUp(SM) Center

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