Adobe air.How to program

Adobe air.How to program

I am completely new to Adobe air.I have never used it.Please post instructions to build applications on air.
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For general AIR development the following links may help you get started:

In terms of how to leverage Flex in the AppUp opportunity, this is a great resource:

Please feel free to ask any questions that come up during your efforts. Best of luck.

Thanks Brian

No worries, this may also be a book you may enjoy:

Please see lot of info and starting guide in the above html. Air is a great tool to create wonders in desktop


Were you able to get the AIR tools installed and signed up for Melrose?

Hi Brain,

Just now saw your message, we were successfully able to integrate melrose sdk and publish it via adobe. But since there was an issue with respect to publishing in intel since we have same usernames. There was a delay from adobe. We submitted the same apps to intel and it got published in a week.
Only one app is still pending iAlarm which is a paid one. I think free apps are approved quicker than paid apps ?

"I think free apps are approved quicker than paid apps ?"

I have heard this now from two other melrose developers. This may be the way their internal queue is configured.

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