Updating AIR Apps

Updating AIR Apps

Hello, I'm nearly finished with an app, but I'd like to make sure I can push updates to users. I'm making my updateConfig.xml file, but I'm not sure which URL to point to for updates. Adobe has an example on this page: http://learn.adobe.com/wiki/display/melrose/7.0+Updating+Your+Application And the line in question is this one: http://apprepo.adobe.com/updates/[your.appid.here]/update.xml I'm planning on submitting through the IADP, and I'm wondering if I should use that Adobe URL (with my app ID), or if there's some Intel equivalent. I guess I'm not sure how integrated Intel is with Adobe on this front. Hope that all makes sense -- thanks very much!
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Currently the update_mode feature in the checkLicensing call is not supported when submitting from IADP. You may set the UPDATE_MODE flag to false.
Every update to the application should go through the Appup client by uploading a new version of the binary.
Please let me know if you need further clarifications.

Thanks very much, Praveen!

Does this mean that users will be notified by the AppUp client when there are updates to my AIR app (without me having to do anything)?


No, I mean to say that the UPDATE_MODE flag doesn't apply while submitting AIR app on the IADP.If there are any updates then On the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program if you have already submitted an application and it is already published on the AppUp Center, then when you have an update in the executables, you will have to upload a new version of the whole app. While the new version of the app is under validation, the previous version of the app may still be available on the store. Once the new version is validated and approved, it will be published on the client and any user using the previous version will be prompted that an update is available when they log-in to the AppUp Center.

Hope this clarifies

Right, that last sentence answers my question, which was really: if I've submitted a new version of my app and now it's live on the store, will the client application tell people?

I'm glad the answer is yes! Thanks very much for your help.

Yes, The if there is an update in your server. i.e a new air file along with the XML. It will intimate that there is a new update to all the clients while starting the application. Please can update from there.

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