Icons in AIR apps

Icons in AIR apps

I ran into a minor but annoying icon issue with my AIR-based app that I thought I'd share. As background, icons can be packaged with AIR apps. When I install my AIR app (through AIR, not through AppUp), the icons on the desktop and elsewhere look great. Once the app goes into the store and is installed from there, the icon in the store looks great, but the shortcut icon on the desktop looks weird -- jagged, and with any white pixels made transparent. The desktop icon is not the one that you'd see in the store, incidentally. It's definitely one of the icons packaged with the AIR app (maybe the 48x48 pixels version). Totally conjecture on my part, but it seems as if, once an AIR app is submitted, one of the packaged icons is extracted and resampled (and in my opinion mangled a bit). To get around it I redid the icons packaged with the AIR app so that there would be no white (and therefore transparent) pixels. The icon still looks pretty bad, but at least it doesn't have weird holes in it wherever there's white. Hopefully that all makes sense. Is that an issue that could be addressed? It's also possible that I'm just doing something wrong. ;) Thanks, vin
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Hi Vin,

Thank you for this information.
I will check it with the back end team.

Please can you send us the details of the affected application and also the screenshots of the application icons. Send us these details to appdeveloper.support@intel.com

I will follow up the issue and get back to you.


Intel AppUp(SM) Center
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel Technical Support

DG Rooven

Thanks Rooven, just sent an email!


Even we ran into the problem. We have seen in other apps too. Where ever there is a white portion you can see the transparent in intel appup.
Even the latest cooking app "Cooking Menu Maker app" Also has the same problem. We have faced the same issue. Our white area in the icons become transparent , we flattened the PNG where it was not seen again. So please flatten the PNG. Even in some flatten PNG we can see this issue. Best soln avoid white areas ;) in icons even though most of all our icons use white in red. We say this.


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