Components in Adobe AIR

Components in Adobe AIR

Hello, New to this forum, tried to do a search before posting but could not find a relevant post. Our AIR application is soon finished and we want to let the user buy components to it, is this possible in such application? And is it possible to have a link inside the application that links to the right component in the AppUp Store? Thanks!
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Thanks! If there is anything we can do to speed up the development or if you have it in beta phase please let us know!

EDIT: Does any kind of feature request system or forum exist?

"EDIT: Does any kind of feature request system or forum exist?"

To answer this in short; yes, this community is that system. Through requests, information sharing and general dev chit chat we are helping to shape the AppUp experience. Keep the suggestions/requests coming :)

It seem you are applying a different definition to Components than the one seen most often here in the AppUp community.

Rather than an AppUp Component in the sense that it is a re-usable piece of compiled code (library), you are speaking about a means to monetize your AppUp app/game by allowing users to download or buy additional components?

Yeah, we want to offer offline content. This could work by just setting a registry value for our app, is such thing possible or can we create install files that installs a value as an app?

The model you describe is not currently supported by the AppUp program. What disqualifies it at present is the fact that the Validation Requirements (, require an executable perform the AppUp authorization methods at startup. This is a great idea though, other marketplaces have implemented it successfully.

Ok, but is it possible to have a zip file containing xml and image files as a buyable component to the app? Or does components have nothing to do with apps?


EDIT: Sry for double post, the edit button didn't work (?). Ok so I understand now that components are standalone programs for extending your app. Any other solution for this? We could set up our own payment system, but we really want it to go trough AppUp. This function is not in any milestone soon?

No worries. You are not alone in this request. Several ISVs have requested this monetization option. I will have to allow someone from the Intel SDK Development Team to answer this question for you.

AppUp Components are subject to the same requirement of having to call the AppUp SDK authorization methods. While they are not an executable the use of their methods must be precluded by a successful AppUp SDK authorization call.

These links explain the requirements in greater detail:

Hi All,

Thank you for your feedback.
This feature is not currently supported on our program. I have forwarded your feedback and suggestions to the backend team. If I get any information from them I will let you know.


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