Air 2.5 supported?

Air 2.5 supported?

Hi Is it ok to submit an app using flex sdk 4.1 / Air 2.5? I am potentially submitting through Adobe InMarket, and from what I can see Adobe excepts Air 2.5 sdk. Will Intel accept Air 2.5 if I submit here? Thanks
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Hi David,

Currently on the Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program we only support Air 1.5.3 and Air 2.0. Please find more information on this link:


Intel AppUp(SM) Center
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

DG Rooven

David, we are not officially supporting or rejecting AIR 2.5 in our validation. You could try it, but in testing if the app does not work then you will get rejected and have to resubmit

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