Licensing Manager issue

Licensing Manager issue

Hi guys,

I wrote this code 

package {

import flash.display.MovieClip;
import com.adobe.licensing.LicenseManager

I wrote this code inside Flash 

public class sampleGame extends MovieClip

// Properties: You can set the myGuid string to Empty or null value as per below

private static const myGuid:String="0x1C000005,0x22000903,0x8CF90082,0xF007500E";
private static var UPDATE_MODE:Boolean=false;
private static var DEBUG_MODE:Boolean=false;

public function sampleGame() {
// constructor code
var licenseManager:LicenseManager = new LicenseManager();
licenseManager.checkLicense( this, myGuid, UPDATE_MODE, DEBUG_MODE );



I use Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 and player  Air 2.5. 

I have this problem in my app =>>>>

why ? 

and support air 2.6 ? 


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