Intel SDK Encoder from Premiere color problems

Intel SDK Encoder from Premiere color problems

Now I saw back in November there was a similar post, and I have read things saying the graph edit reduces some of the problems and it might be from an incorrect RGB -> YUV -> H264 conversion process.Unfortunately I am not adept enough at programming to figure out how to fix the premiere plug in...I hope this issue has been changed or there is a suitable work around because I really enjoy the speed increase that the plug in provides.A little about my system: Intel 2600k running at 4.1ghz, 16gb ram, an intel ssd, and a gigabyte motherboard.First image is video outputted from the adobe plugin Intel SDK encoderSecond image is uncompressed still frame.Look at the difference between the skin tone, the wood, the hair... Everything is completely different.Please if there is a solution I'd really like to hear it.Also, for some future options in the adobe plug in, I'd like to see:

  • Multiple Passes
  • Subpixel motion estimation
  • frame reordering
  • the plugin to actually stay within the bitrate bounds specified
  • No RGB to YUV color problems ( or whatever the issue is)
  • mpeg2 that is dvd compliant
  • h264 that is apple or blu-ray compliant
  • keyframe distance
  • b-frame option

Thanks guys, know this is a long post.
If you need any videos, videos of videos from screen capture, images, or anything, just ask and I will provide.

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Thanks for your feedback on the plug-in. The issue you describe is possibly connected to a color space conversion operation, but as you probably have noted from the earlier posts on this forum there are currenly no plans to extend or modify the prototype plug-in.

The plug-in does not intend to expose all options available through the Media SDK API. However, the good news is that most of the features you request are configurable via the SDK. If you're interested in exploring further I encourage you to download the latest SDK release (2012) and start experimenting with the samples. That said, the SDK samples unfortunately does not provide product implementations with tools such as the Adobe suite.Our long term goal is to influence Adobe to implement native application support for Media SDK/QuickSync Video. Currently I have no further info on when/if this will happen.


That's too bad. The speed was outstanding, but the color is unusable.

All the links are dead on:


Can they please be updated, thank you!

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