Feedback on the plugin

Feedback on the plugin

I recently had the chance to test this feature out on Premiere Pro.

The computer we installed it on has a i7-2600K with 16gb ram, and a new Z68 motherboard with lucid VIRTU installed. After installing the plugin and making sure VIRTU would hand over to quick sync for Premiere Pro, a H264 render that normally took 15 minutes with no special hardware acceleration (no hardware mercury playback) took only 3 minutes to render with the Intel SDK plugin. An amazing increase in speed.

Unforunately the colours have been modified to an unacceptable level, and we are unable to use the plugin.

Install was extremely easy. All it took was to download the plugin and copy to the plugin directory and everything worked fine. No mucking around at all.

I look forward to the day when I am able to use this feature without it modifying the colours.

Keep up the good work.


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Hi skitzor,

Glad to hear you were able to use the plug-in, especially in the context of Lucid VIRTU, which is a use case we have not explored together with the plug-in.

Can you expand on what you mean by "modified colors"?

Keep in mind that this is a prototype plug-in. At the moment we have no plans to upgrade or extend the functionality. Our hope is that Adobe adobe incorporates this capability in future product.



Yeah I was really happy that it worked really easily with VIRTU.

The footage we tested the plugin on contained people, and we noticed that using the plugin saturated skin colour a lot. People's skin would look a lot more orange/pink than normal. We also noticed a table was more pink than it should be.

I understand it was just a prototype, but I was curious to see the performance of quick sync. It was very impressive and as I mentioned before, I hope Adobe has a go at incorporating the power of quick sync.


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