Performance Issues with Android Atom x86 with HAXM on OSX

Performance Issues with Android Atom x86 with HAXM on OSX

I am running on OSX - I installed HAXM and am using the latest preview 3 of the Android tools v17. I created an AVD using the Intel Atom x86 system image. When I start the AVD, it says that it is using haxm:HAX is working and emulator runs in fast virt modeHowever, the application is still running very slow - about 3-4 fps. This is an OpenGL application. It seems that it is still not using the GPU for the OpenGL calls. Should it be?

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could you please explain what you mean with HAXM? Do you mean
haXe? About game developement?

I don't know the actual status of the OpenGL hardware acceleration.
There was a talk on the GoogleIO 2011 about a prototype of hardware
accelerated OpenGL for the emulator. I think it is still software rendering. Please note that also
OpenGL 2.0 ES is not supported by the emulator.


HAXM has nothing to do with HAXE.HAXM stands for the Intel Hardware Accelerated Exceution Manager. More info here: GDC the presenter seemed to indicate that the OpenGL ES calls would be hardware accelerated. This is independent of the Google work to HW accelerate OpenGL ES.

Keith thanks for trying HAXM. Certain OpenGL ES applications might not be optimally accelerated in this initial release. We are working into including more OpenGL ES support and optimizations into our next release. Please check again here or in the SDK manager for our next HAXM release.

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