Android-x86 - will that be supported

Android-x86 - will that be supported

Will Intel be supporting the android-x86 project for android on intel - or will it be a separate project altogether?


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As far as I know, Intel is working closely with Google on Android open source project. In 2012, there will be Intel Atom based Smartphones and Tablets on the market very soon. Accordingly, there will be more technical contents including emulator, system image (iso), performance optimization and power reduction guide etc. from Intel engineers available on this forum for Android for x86 developers.

>>...Accordingly, there will be more technical contents including emulator, system image (iso),...

What about integration with MSVisual Studios (2005, 2008 and 2010 )?

Are you going to release a Beta version ofthe IntelSDK for Android x86? If Yes, when?

We would like to move ahead with support for Android x86and reduce support for Windows Mobile & Windows Phone platforms.

Please keep the Community members informed on your progress.

Do you knowof any free emulator software currently being used for android development that does or doesn't support intel x86?

What kind of emulator? Do you mean the emulator for andorid OS(AVD)? You can compile the aosp for x86 and then use the generated files (ramdisk.img system.img userdata.img) to "android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-**\images\x86", after this, when you create a new AVD with AVD/SDK manager, the CPU/ABI will be atom(x86).
Is this what you need? If yes, you can have a try.
Any issue, we can discuss.


But I think it doesn't matter how hard
they try to make it work, it will ultimately fail. Sure, some people
will use it, but it's more likely that it will remain a gimmick..

Android-x86 is a project that provides Android support for x86, making it easy to install it on netbooks or laptops.

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