Welcome to the Android* Applications on Intel Architecture Forum!

Welcome to the Android* Applications on Intel Architecture Forum!

Welcome to the newest forum on Intel Software Network, dedicated to helping developers of Android Applications get the most out of running on Intel architecture. You can find more info at our home page for Android on Intel, and please feel free to post questions (and answers!) here in the forum. We'll get our expert software engineers on the case, and help you as best we can.

Thanks for coming by! :-)

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Hi all, Thanks a lot for starting suchinteresting and hot topic here.I have a very basic question, Do we have Intel processors in mobiles of all made that runs on Android OS?

Hope it becomes the paradise of developers for Android* on IA!

Co-ask, is there a list of Intel (Atom for now?) processors that runs on Android 2.3 or earlier version?

Hi, Davisdev,

Not a complete list, but you can go to: http://code.google.com/p/android-x86/downloads/listto find out the Android for x86iso images that are for specific OEM and specific platform, such as EEEPC, ASUS and Lenovo etc. For example, Android-x86 2.2-r2 live & installation isois for Lenovo Ideapad S10-3T. Actually, you don't even need a real device to develop app as you canuse convenient Virtualbox ( I have blog on this site)built from this iso to do the same.
Intel is having more power efficient Atom processor coming out to the market including the very competitive 22nm version of Atom next year. Get ready and get earlier!

looks there is no smartphone in the list



Great idea to open an androind dev forum.
Got a lot of questions :)


Good to see a forum related to android apps development.thanks a lot

Yes, very good forum,

I'm newer in the Android developement ( I'm a directX game developer ) and I'm happy to see a forum for help about Android developement.

Thanks :)

Thanks For Starting A Forum Its Great To Group All Dev's of Android Here.

Rama Chandra,
Ravali Technologies.

Rama Chandra

Someone have any tutorials?

Quoting Ricardo Paiva
Someone have any tutorials?

Are there any specific types of tutorials you are looking for?

The we have a landing page for Android content:http://software.intel.com/en-us/android/where you can find a lot of articles and tutorials. A starting one could be:http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/creating-and-porting-ndk-based-android-apps-for-ia/orhttp://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/ndk-for-ia/


Sombody know any book about Android over Intel plataform?

Quoting Maycon OliveiraSombody know any book about Android over Intel plataform?

Please take a look at http://www.intel.com/intelpressor Amazon.

Best regards,

Quoting Maycon Oliveira
Sombody know any book about Android over Intel plataform?

I'm not aware of any book that explicitely covers the Android* on Intel topic. What kind of information are you looking for? Maybe I can point you to some useful information.


Jorge Ramon Puig Android programming is as same as java,
Just you have to be familier with only widgets and hardware,and a little bit about lifecycle
this all you can read at
http://developer.android.com/training/index.html a free online guide.
for offline guid use

Hey dear,

You are share very good link for android developer.How can download and how to add this plug-in,can you share pdf.All tool and download are link aviable.

im very glad to meet this forum, im just start to learn the basic for now and i know this forum will be very usefull. thanks all !


thanks for space!!!!!!!!!!!

JudLup Luna

Hi All.

This is really good news for us as android developer. I hope this good place for discuss and become android developer paradise ^_^

Congrats INTEL

Smart and Young..


nice idea and i hope that this forum became the best

i think this forum need some advertising because stackoverflow is the biggest forum and all most people post and search on it.

it will be helpfull to submit some basic tutorial to showing us how to make some simple games and programs

This forum need to have more experts to answer for questions 

Very interesting forum.

great forum !! 

Hello there, very insteresting forum. I look forward to read it more often.

can anyone tell me in 2-3 sentences what the Intel architecture brings or imposes for the Android development, in addition to the normal/standard Android development?


JudLup Luna

Nice Idea..

great forum....and can you please tell me how to learn the basics of android programming?



Vivek Ace escribió:

great forum....and can you please tell me how to learn the basics of android programming?

As mentioned before, Google has some nice tutorials on their website: http://developer.android.com/training/index.html . When I learned developing for Android 5 years ago I really liked these tutorials: http://www.vogella.com/android.html . 

I hope one of them fits your needs. The web is full of tutorials about Android.

I was watching these tutorials, thank you! There is useful information. I work in software development company for only a year and I want to learn more about application for mobile.

Vik A.

Hello, thanks for having this Android forum. I'm a recent college graduate with a computer science major and am seeking to learn more about Android mobile apps.

Hello everyone,

Most people here want to know what is the advantage of having a Intel Atom inside a Android device. To appreciate this architecture we must understand android internals and we see its a linux kernel with a differnent window system and memory and power management techniques. Existing processors like those offered by Qualcomm provide sufficient power for mobile computational devices but now that intel has stepped into the market, we are likely to see a manifold increase in processing power per number of cores. So your phone can do more with a greater battery life.


Harsh Prateek,CEO and Owner,Mamba International

hello,  very interesting forum ....

so, i'm new in android dev .. i encountered a problem with my emulator using Intel Atom (x86) on API19

when i run the AVD the emulator starts and the screen freezes on the "android" logo.

But when i run it on API 15 it works great.!!

why is that ? help plz

thanks .

Thanks for the possibility to hang out here, I'm sure it'll be fun! I'm currently a new member of a mobile app development company, based in UK, I hope I'll find a lot of useful and interesting information.

As I'm working in Offshore Development center, we are really interested in working with new technologies, especially when we talk about mobile development sphere.


I´m newbie here i hope to contribute in this forum! I work at this stage of my life in mobile development! 



I don't think this forum need advertising,but need more expert to anwser the questions!

Samsung Galaxy S6 cover

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