Benchmark app. Looking for testers

Benchmark app. Looking for testers

I have written a small application that tests the double-precision floating point performance of Android phones. My application is written using the NDK and compiled for both x86 and ARMv7 CPUs. Wondering if anyone here who has an x86 phone wants to test it out?

You can download an APK from Google Play store:

Will be interesting to see how Intel does in this test.

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Some results from ARM systems for comparison:

1. Nexus 7: About 1450 MFlops on 4 threads
2. Galaxy S2X (snapdragon S3 dual-core): 1170 MFlops on 2 threads

Hoping someone will post Intel results

Hi Rahul, let me check if we can run this test for you and I'll let you know

Thanks. Let me know how it performs.

Results from my Xolo x900
run 1:
1 thread 283 MFlops
2 threads 512 MFlops
4 threads 501 MFlops

run 2:

1 thread 282 MFlops
2 threads 515 MFlops
4 threads 501 MFlops

Hi all
let me try it in my phone, and ill be back soon with the result.

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