Looking to test my app on actual x86 android hardware

Looking to test my app on actual x86 android hardware

Okay so I am working on an x86 version of my app, GoneMAD Music Player, and can successfully run it in the emulator.  Audio playback has never worked smoothly in any emulator (yes i have the hardware acceleration working) so I was wondering if anyone here had an actual device that could test out it out to see if playback was smooth?



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I just did a quick test on a x86 phone with a 320k mp3 file and did not hear anything unexpected. Is there anything special you want to have tested?


Thanks, preferably a flac (48kz or under) file and ogg file. Those decoders were ported to x86 and would be a good indication if everything is working correctly. I really don't expect any issues but I wanted to be sure before releasing anything to google play.



Flac and Ogg are both working fine :-).

I'm a little bit curious: What did you do for the x86 optimization? Just recompiled the NDK part?


Awesome thanks!

My app uses 5-6 diff native libraries, most i just did a simple recompile with the ndk for x86. ffmpeg on the other hand has tons of optimizations for every different architecture, so I had to run ./configure with all the x86 switches before using the ndk. If i remember correctly there should be a few more optimizations i can make (like enabling SSE and some of the other supported instruction sets)

If you want/need more performance you could think about enabling Intel® SSE. The performance gain should be significant. All Intel phones on the market support Intel® SSE up to SSSE3.

Yeah I definitely want to enable the SSE instructions, I would imagine they would really help speed up decoding algorithms and whatnot. ffmpeg seemed to disable them when I did an x86_32 build (they were enabled in x86_64) so i'll have to manually enable them.

Hi, you are nice work!!!

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