Compile jelly beans and other

Compile jelly beans and other

As I was told on hand, place my report here and some of my requests for support: (tradutto with google translator from Italian to English)

contact you to ask you for an updated guide to compile the Android 4.1.1 JB and warn that the current sources related to Android have several errors during decompression, while the part relating to the kernel is running, even if it is only compilable with gcc 4.4. 3 of ubuntu 10.4lts, otherwise even if the build is successful then the latter apparently not part of emulator.

inter alia, the specific guidance of my interest is not related to VirtualBox, but the compilation Emulator for Android, possibly with the possibility of having the libhoudini (compatibility libraries for ARM on x86 as in some of your smartphone).

I am attaching also an address to which trovere my project: Jar of Beans, with more details, which could be a valid alternative to the classic google SDK.

using your acceleration systems HAXM I got very high and realistic benchmark.

I wonder if it is possible to have support for the compilation of an updated version of Android 4.1.1 for emulator Jelly beans or jelly better than beasn 4.2 x86

ideally with support Houdini, otherwise I will try to take care of myself for support as Houdini did and Android-x86 project.

I hope for your reply soon.

thank you very much


Lingua originale italiano, Original Language Italian

vi contatto per chiedervi una guida aggiornata per compilare il pacchetto Android JB 4.1.1 ed avvisarvi che le attuali sorgenti legate ad android presentano diversi errori durante la decompressione, mentre la parte inerente al kernel è funzionante, anche se è compilabile solo con gcc 4.4.3 su ubuntu 10.4lts, altrimenti anche se la compilazione va apparentemente a buon fine poi quest'ultimo non parte su emulatore.

tra l'altro la guida specifica di mio interesse non è legata alla VirtualBox, ma alla compilazione per Emulatore android, possibilmente con la possibilità di avere le libhoudini (librerie per la compatibilità ARM su x86 come in alcuni vostri smartphone).

vi allego anche un indirizzo a cui trovere il mio progetto: Jar of Beans, con ulteriori dettagli, che potrebbe essere una valida alternativa al classico SDK google.

utilizzando i vostri sistemi di accelerazione HAXM ho ottenuto benchmark molto alti e realistici.

Vi chiedo se è possibile avere del supporto per la compilazione di una versione aggiornata di android Jelly beans 4.1.1 per emulatore o meglio di jelly beasn 4.2 x86

l'ideale sarebbe con supporto Houdini, altrimenti cercherò di cavarmela da solo per il supporto Houdini come ha fatto e android-x86 project.

Spero in una vostra risposta a breve.

grazie mille

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>>...warn that the current sources related to Android have several errors during decompression...

Do you mean there is a problem with some zip-file on web-site?

I downloaded from here the package with the file open source, during the extraction of windows me asks if I want to overwrite files (fonts), then gives me error on ubuntu 12 and 10.4lts, it seems that even if very long extraction is successful, only then on ubuntu 12 (64bit) gives me an error on permits jdk 6 ...
and 10.4lts on ubuntu (32bit) gives me an error in reference to the appointment rischiesta a 64 bit system O_o

>>...I downloaded from here the package...

Thank you. I understood that you've had a problem with and I will verify the archive on a Windows 7 Professional later this week.

Best regards,

Thanks for the support, I cumunque I tried it on win 7 ultimate x64 with winrar and 7zip, same problems on the package Intel_x86_sysimg_4.1.1_Source_Files_20120828.tar.gz

ubutnu on 10 & 12 lts lts (x86 and x64) everything works fine, but on windows I getting errors with winrar is that with 7zip decompression, however, we know nothing about the arrival of jelly beans 4.2 x86 emulator? else the libhoudini (translazione x86 to ARM) I know that are not open source, but you could have at least an adaptation for emulator, I am currently trying a port and some results there, but not functioning properly yet

>>ubutnu on 10 & 12 lts lts (x86 and x64) everything works fine, but on windows I getting errors with winrar is that with 7zip decompression...

Manuel, I remember about that problem however I was really busy during last two weeks. So, I'll try to do my best and let you know results ASAP. Sorry for the delay.

Best regards,

Hi, Manuel,

Intel just released  x86 Jelly Bean MR1 (4.2) system image for Android emulation.The binary and source code are now available for direct download from Android* 4.2 (Jelly Bean) x86 Emulator System Image. The image binary is also available from the Android SDK Manger. Try 4.2 and let us know if you still has issue.




The problem Manuel described is related to the usage of WinRAR utility ( some unknown version ) with the zip archive that has a complete set of Android sources. Unfortunately, I don't use WinRAR and I wonder if somebody from Intel could decompress the zip archive with WinRAR?

>>... I tried it on win 7 ultimate x64 with winrar and 7zip, same problems on the package...

Manuel, Here are a couple of quiestions:

- Could you post as much as possible technical details for decompressing errors, that is, screenshots, full error texts, decompressing logs, etc?

- Did you Test the downloaded zip-file as follows:

Start WinZip v7.x -> Select zip-file with Android sources -> Action -> Test

- Did you check MD5 signature of the downloaded zip-file?

It seems to me that your zip-file is corrupted during the download ( it is pretty common thing... ) and I would try to download it again.

Hi, Manuel and Sergey

The issue is most likely caused by the fact that windows (WinRar, Winzip, you name them) do not distinguish between Lower case and Upper case for file names and treats them as the same file. If you have such a file system mounted and there are two files with the same name other than case ( for example there are two different files: io-mapping.txt and IO-mapping.txt in 4.2 system image), you could see this happening. This could happen as you are extracting everything to a 'flat' directoryand two files end up with the same ${basename}.

 You can try to extract in Linux and it should works fine. Google said it clearly that "To build the Android source files, you will need to use Linux or Mac OS. Building under Windows is not currently supported". ( ) I don’t know how users could extract on windows and then compile Android from there. You certainly could do it in Windows someway, but most developers don't. 

Please post back what you get on Linux/MAC. Thanks

Thanks, Tao.

>>...I don’t know how users could extract on windows...

With any version of WinZip for Windows or with some right version of WinRar for Windows. Unfortunately, latest versions of WinRar for Windows have some compatibility issues.

>>...and then compile Android from there...

That's another big subject.

This blog gives you more information on why you should not use Windows to decompress the source file:

>>...This blog gives you more information on why you should not use Windows to decompress the source

This is a well known fact, I mean problems with file names on Windows, like 'readme.txt' and 'ReadMe.txt'. However ( let me quote you... ):

>>...This could happen as you are extracting everything to a 'flat' directory and two files end up with the same ${basename}...

Why should somebody try to extract source codes of some very big software system into a 'flat' directory?

I already downloaded all four big zip files with Android OS sources and I will do a verification on Windows. I can't provide any timeline for that verification but I'd like to see how many such cases with similar file names exist and what could be done to resolve that problem.

I hope that you've already looked at a new thread:

Forum topic: Integrity of Zip-archives with Intel x86 Android system images ( source codes )

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