mp3 stream player + ramble on Razr I

mp3 stream player + ramble on Razr I

Is there an application to play mp3 wifi internet streams on razr i? 

power amp doesn't appear to accept streams (at least not in the trial version). 

If there is one which requires building for this target, I'd be glad to tackle it, with instructions about where to get the development tools.

The YouTube app accepts some files from their site, stalls on others. Audio quality is good on the earbuds, not on the speaker.

Razr I falls short on some aspects of user experience, but (priced at $350 anywhere but where Intel recommends) it's a reasonable value. 

AT&T local office was fully cooperative in transferring my account registation from the Blackberry.  Over several days, it updated itself over wifi to USA software configuration, in spite of only European countries appearing in the "Cet appareil functions en:" list on the box, and the quick start guide provided en francais. 

No way is it possible to approach the minimum monthly data limit.  Texting is still the big money maker for phone providers.

The requirement to go into and return from sleep mode to renew a search for AT&T access after locking on to one of their competitors is a deficit.  No one sees that with Samsung or Apple.  Likewise the requirement to rotate among several browsers to establish a connection on local access points at restaurants. Opera has a habit of hanging, FF is reasonable but balky.

Difficult to believe there are no access points at the local mall which has 3 competing wireless sales stores.  Spent 2 hrs waiting for a table at the sushi/hibachi place last night, 50 ft from one of the wireless phone stores.

This is one of the less technically savvy areas of the USA, but Samsung phones already are gaining popularity over iPhones. My wife turned in her Nokia Win8 phone within the trial period. What possessed the people who set Intel strategy?

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