how many applications in a android?

how many applications in a android?

how many applications in a android?

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hi Tom,

can you please eloborate your question?


@Tom : More than 800 000 apps.

 more than 500000 in google play and more than  200000 in samsung apps


There is no official google play app number, published by google Co ! So be patient to have the answer ;)

A new estimate indicates the number of Android apps could surpass iOS applications and hit the 1 million mark in June 2013.

April 20, 2013 :

Current number of Android apps in the market: 690991
Percentage of low quality apps: 22 %

information from AppBrain

more than 15lakhs

Hi Tom, probably more than 900.000

we cant count it may vary from minutes..

Hi Ashwin S Ashok , you will can count all apps on the google play, but for this exist the statistics.


Are you mentioning the question about the total number of apps in the android market, or are you mentioning it about the number of apps an android device can accomodate averagely?

Please elaborate the question a little bit.

Do any one have idea about android Client application for the famous bug tracking system MantisBT?



Current number of Android apps in the market , Last update: September 24, 2014.:
1,375,751 apps.
Percentage of low quality apps: 16%

You can see the update of this Google Play stat and graphics related in:

We can't count it because there are so many apps in the market.

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