[RAZR i] Intel System Apps

[RAZR i] Intel System Apps

 Hello i am new to this forum and i hope this is the place where all my questions get answered :D

in October i bought the Motorola razr i  and what my questions are about are some apps i found on the device that are Intel specific so i think this is a match with the forum title :)

first of all,  the device was delivered with ics,  back then i found a hidden option in settings menu for Wi-Fi  direct.

i knew the device was not certified  for this but we were able to use it...

now with jb  the menu is still there but the gui  elements have been removed and we can't use it anymore

question:  why did it get removed?  why not simply certify it?

a few weeks back i  searched through the system apps ( i  am rooted)  and found an app called HDMISettings,  an intel app (com.intel.hdmi)

via the app tasker i  am able to run it,  simple option to enable hdmi  and when connected there would be more options available.

connected my phone via mhl  adapter to my tv,  doesn't  work,  it doesn't even charge (adapter  needs  power,  other phones DO  charge)

question: why is this app there?  how to use it?  somewhere i found something about adding an additional boot parameter for hdmi,  would enabling help?

hope tthese questions are not too  specific and someone from intel support can answer them,  if not,  could you please guide me to the people who can?






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Hi Robert,

you need to ask Motorola these questions. It's up to the OEM to decide which functions they want support in their products. 


Also, Motorola RAZR-i does not have Wi-Fi Direct feature, and have no HDMI port. So it does not make sense to have HDMI settings.

Hey thanks for your replies :)

Alex I guess you are right but i thought, the android itself i developed (or modified for the arch) by intel so... ;)
gonna try to reach somebody at moto :)

Hey Tao you are right, no wifi direct certification and no hdmi port :)
with ics i used wifi direct with different devices like the samsung galaxy s3 ;)
and hdmi doesnt mean that it needs a hdmi port, have heard of mhl? ;)

fact is, wifi direct worked at least with ics (with jb not possible without buttons to press :D) and the intel hdmi app is there too, i thought it wouldnt make much sense on the device if it wasnt capable :)

few days back my mhl adapter arrived, suprisingly it .... did not work :D
strange thing is, it doesnt even charg when power supply is added to the adapter, other androids do charge...

i think the hdmi part is about the boot parameter but i currently have no time to modify the boot.img :/

//Robert ;) 

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