Searching for hardware binary for DN2800MT

Searching for hardware binary for DN2800MT

Trying to find iso file from Intel so that I can use it compile my own image of Android OS to install....primarily need it for the video drivers used for the 2800. Any one have any idea where I can get this file? And I am not looking for the "emulator image". Thanks

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hi james 

I don't  know the proper response but i hope that this link that you will help you:

Hi, James,

Certainly you can download Intel Jellybean 4.2 system image from : Go the page and select to download. Be paitient that it is 2.5G large in size, and  will take awhile to finish if you have a slow internet. The iso source file includes all value-added software developed by Intel including drivers, optimizations and patches etc.


Thanks Tao, thats an emulator image which isn't what we are looking for....

My developers are in the same boat as many many others....lack of suitable PowerVR drivers for Linux is screwing over our project so it is likely Intel is completely out of my company's plans for our new product line.

hi James,

As far as I know, OS is always owned by Google. OEMs download the source with license and build accordingly. However, you can get access to open source source code. You may find something interesting in

am unable to get the solution

This isn't going to help much:*&DownloadType=Drivers

The problem is that the PowerVR driver that Intel have for Android probably isn't the same as the one used for Linux (the above link). The kernel driver shouldn't be a problem (It should be GPL), but without the user-level driver code... It could be an issue for you. I know of NO open source user-level drivers for PowerVR.

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