it is really interesting to change my PC for it??

it is really interesting to change my PC for it??

I have HP ENVY dv6 turning win8 and i can't install HAXM. Can any one please explain what's the difference between developing with android sdk and intel android sdk???

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Hi Helmi,

If you've been losing sleep over how dismal the performance of the Android emulator has gotten as we have, you should be pleasantly surprised by how much Intel's Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) driver improves your work day. If you have a development machine with an Intel processor, we see no reason at all to not use this solution for Android app development. In fact, it's so compelling that we feel it should be the default setup for compatible development environments.

So you haven't to change your PC, juste follow the instruction to install it, and enjoy ! Google it to have the steps ;)

hi helmi

normally , there is no problom to install HAXM in your  HP ENVY dv6 with ( Processor. Intel® Core i7) but i don't now where is the probleme,

for more information :

until now we can't install HAXM in windows 8 due to the Hyper V so if you have any solution for that i will be thankfull.

i have the same problem so if someone can help as please

what error are you getting?

You need to enable Intel Virutalization Technology in Bios.
In win7 it is @ Bios> Security > Virtualization

In Win 8, Its @ Bios> Advanced > CPU Configuration > Intel Virutalization again depends on OEM. Search for this option and enable it in your machine.

Let us know the error mesage you are getting while installing.

hi helmi

normally there is no problem because you have(e HP ENVY dv6)  with Intel® Core™ i7 processor  check this link for more information and how to install HAXM  in windows 8:

the problem s resolved i had enabled the Hyper V in bios and with control pannel and it work now :)

thanks for all.

thanks for posting back the results.


It seems that there are two error patterns.One cannot be solved(on newest cpu) by simply enabling the Hyper V in bios.Second is solved when Virtualization is enabled.

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