Purchasing a decent Android development platform

Purchasing a decent Android development platform

OK, software emulation even with a fast CPU and lots of RAM isn't going to get it for me so I need a hardware or a hardware supported solution.  Intel CPU and VT--x looks promising.  Problem is I need to travel with the development system and gaming laptops with add-on GPU support is out of my budget.  Currently I am looking at purchasing a ASUS S56CA-XH71 (e.g. TigerDirect P/N A51-156400) Ultrabook based on a i7-3517U as and Anderoid development platform for some pretty heavy physical targets e,g, Kindle Fire HD.  Graphics is limited on this ASUS to the intel integrated HD 4000 and shared system RAM (max 8GB) with no provisions to add a GPU that has lots of dedicated local fast RAM.  I know this platform is a compromise but will it do what I need it to do and if so can I tune it to do better.  4 Questions:

1. Is this a decent basis for hardware based emulation of Android deveoped apps?.

2. can I use a portion of the SSD as RAM for the HD 4000?

3. Boh Google and Amazon say the use of a integrated graphics mean the emulator does not run.... what is that all about... what am I running if not an emulator? 

4. if above questions OKish then how to I enable overclocking boost up to 3Ghz?  NOTE: ASUS technical support swears they verified boost with this delivery configuration.

Thanks ~David

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there are many simples in the net!! for me i tried someone'ss from www.overclockers.com and www.overclock.net and it was very helpfull

i think better option is eclipse...

and the adt provided by google..

Hi David,

1. I think this is a nice system and I don't see any issues to use it for development. 

2. No. Graphic cards don't support to use parts of hard disks as additinal RAM. I'm not sure why you want to do that? At least for Android dvelopment this isn't required

3. Do you have a source for that? I'm running the Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager on an Intel HD 4000 grafic solution without any issues. 

4. The CPU will automatically overclock to 3GHz if there are enough free resources (heat, power). See this website about Intel® Turbo Boost

Hope this helps!

the eclipse enviroment is very nice for android.

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