I need to develop a jigsaw puzzle game....i need help..

I need to develop a jigsaw puzzle game....i need help..

An andoid app of jigsaw puzzle..with good interface...can u suggest methods and language for that..?

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Since you dont need any native capabilities for such app, you can use HTML5 itself. Development would be simple. You can then publish it as hybrid app. Eventually you can publish to multiple app stores also

Hi Ashwin, while you want that your app be universal, is better that you make a web page.

thats great...like phonegap..and all..

i havent developed hybrid apps, so will you help me in coding...

Hi Ashwin, Phonegap is a good option for multi-platform, can you develop on android  and through phonegap pass to IOS, RIM or other.

thanks JudLup Luna... :)

Hi Ashwin, you are welcome!

If you are planning to develop HTML5 app as hybrid app, you can use Intel XDK.


XDK is a good option, I know about this since years

Thanks guys...let me try..

thanks guys

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