Intel HAXM causes BSOD in Windows 8.1

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Please provide full kernel dump.

Btw, I cannot see register context in your post.I am interesting in rbp-8 content.

I can see register rbp-8 content and I suppose that argument probably located at rbp-8 caused access violation error.I think that vmxon is dereferencing a bad pointer to VMCS structure.

Any response from Intel engineers?


We have an updated version of HAXM coming very soon (this week, hopefully). I'd like to have you try it and see if you're still experiencing this crash. I can provide it to you under an engineering license (where you basically promise not to redistribute it). If you're interested, please send me a Private Message with an email address that can receive attachments (~3mb in size). Thanks!

This no longer causes BSOD, however, none of the Intel x86 Android emulators will run without crashing.  The ARM emulators work fine.  I have followed this thread and done the following:

Ensure all options for VT enabled in the BIOS
Installed the latest HAXM released as discussed here
Downloaded/Updated Android SDK ensuring that I have the latest API releases from 15 - 21

My configuration is:
Windows 8.1 Enterprise
64bit OS
x64 Processor
Hyper-V is enabled

Starting any Android Intel (x86) based Emulator with or without Host GPU on fails/crashes upon start when the emulator says Android.
This is hindering progression being made on projects.  Please advise.   


@Bill T. how to you run a windows OS on macbook, It is a waste of resources.

You will should to use the mac os x.

JudLup Luna


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