Medfield firmware (XT890)

Medfield firmware (XT890)

XT890 is a Motorola smartphone on Medfield platform. I've developer edition with a open bootloader/ Device is bricked as many others and should be reflashed. I've all parts to bring it to live again: ifwi (BIOS), OS DnX (bootloader), OS (kernel with adb enebled). There is the last part to do: fw dnx needs to be changed, but checksum should be recalculated.

How to calculate a fwdnx checksum? Help, please.

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Hi Vladimir,

I'm sorry I can't really help you with this request. Generally speaking you usually need to sign these files in order to flash & boot them. I don't know if this is different for unlocked devices. Did you try to contact the Motorola support:,6720,8593/p_country_code/GB ? There is also a user forum for the Motorola Razr I* available: . 


Thanks for your advise, Alex. 

I'll definitely ask at the Motorola's forum, but OSdnx has never been developed for XT890 as I know. What I'm planning to do - it's port a full ROM from XT788. XT788 - it's Motorola's chinese version of XT890. All parts are already signed. So need only to change fwdnx.

Maybe there's some other way, how I could write to the eMMC of Atom SoC without JTAG devices? I'll be grateful even for an hint.

Best regards,


Hi Vova,

unfortunately I cannot help you with this request. Even a JTAG interface wouldn't help because JTAG is usually disabled for production devices. 

Sorry for not beeing able to help you further.

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